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Welcome to Lady Kat's Web Site!

August 2000: By 13th July, Kathleen Etherington had progressed to Harpers Ferry, and had completed 1000 miles of walking, a terrific achievement as we all agree.  She then leap-frogged to Pawling and hiked for a few more days, as shown on the map. However, her principal walking equipment (her legs) were protesting noisily, and that and the slow progress which resulted have persuaded her to call a halt for 2000. After two weeks of R & R in Boston, she set out by car on the return journey to Florida, viewing the AT en route.

 Following a visit to see Kathleen I have been updating the site. I have added many new pictures, including a new gallery of nature pics, and a new article on a key topic - FOOD!
For up-to-date news, go to the Progress Report page. For the latest pictures, go to the Picture Gallery.

For three years I have been dreaming of hiking the Appalachian Trail. And now that dream is becoming reality, as I started  at the end of March with my son EJ and his friend Jodie, taking time out from their studies at The Evergreen State College, WA, to share in this dream.

This web site is set up to enable all our friends to follow progress as we crawl up the map of the USA. It is being maintained by a friend in England, so please forgive any eccentric spellings - you know what they're like over there!

It will be updated as and when we can get information to the webmaster. If you hear any news of my progress, please e-mail it to the webmaster for future inclusion.

Please send us your letters en route - they will hearten us and keep us going to the next mail drop.


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We are thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Follow our progress on this site.
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