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A brief description

Links to other web sites about the trail

The Appalachian Trail is a 2000+ mile trail which stretches from the Springer Mountain in Georgia to Katahdin in Maine.

Originally conceived in the 1920s by Benton MacKaye, initial construction of the Trail was completed in 1937. Today it is federally protected but largely maintained by volunteers, working for local  AT Clubs.

Click here for the Appalachian Trail Conference, which has loads of info and will lead you to many more sites.

For another general overview, plus stories about the Class of '99, go to the Trailplace site.

The hike starts in Georgia, so what better site to visit than the Georgia AT Club?

In May they will reach Virginia, and the town of Damascus has a good site with many Trail-oriented links.

Although it focuses on the North-East, the Appalachian Mountain Club site has much of interest and some amusing illustrations.

To find out how a previous party fared, visit their site here. It gives a detailed description of their entire journey (back in 1987) and so is a good source of ideas as to what Kathleen, EJ and Jodie are enjoying at any time.



We are thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Follow our progress on this site.
Send us mail to maintain our morale, using the addresses on the Schedule page.