Trail Magic

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Trail Magic  (31st March 2000)

There is a phenomenon along the AT called "Trail Magic". It is sometimes provided by circumstances, fellow hikers, dumb luck, etc, and sometimes provided by "Trail Angels".

Today I ran into a superb dose of trail magic in the form of John McCullough. We had agreed to meet at Neel's Gap on Saturday (April Fool!) and I was worried about getting there near the time I had set before realising that I had to go over dreaded Blood Mountain on the way.

Lo and behold, as I'm cruising along today, who's coming towards me on the trail - Angel John! He shouldered my pack, fed me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and announced he'd rented a cabin in the woods, with a hot tub!!

Link to Pictures PageWe hiked to Woody's Gap, a mere 7 miles from my starting point. When we drove away, we took T.J. and Sara, a young couple who wanted to off-load some stuff from their much-too-heavy packs. They'll spend the night in Blairsville boxing up rejects. We'll all meet for breakfast, John will return us to the trail and then set about mailing their stuff home for them. For them, John must really be an angel.

And I get to "slack-pack" over the 4,000 ft mountain tomorrow since John will will pick me up in Neel's Gap and bring me back to the cabin in the woods, hot tub and all.


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